The expression studio

How we process

[mkd_section_title position=”left” text_font_weight=”” text=”In order that our collaboration goes as well as possible here are the steps of creation.”]

STEP 1 – The exchanges

In order to be able to define your request and to know a little more about your project, we discuss your project in detail either by phone, skype or e-mail. From there we can draw up an individual quotation.

STEP 2 – The plans

After acceptance of the quotation, we can focus on your expectations, your competitors, your models, and thus establish an action plan for each request, defining the best approach and deadlines.

STEP 3 – The mock-up

Creation, as soon as we receive your visual and written elements, we elaborate models for each creation. 2 proposals for logos, 2 proposals for print elements (business cards, flyers, posters) and 2 proposals for websites (one or more pages).

STEP 4 – The realisation 

After we have validated the mock-ups together, we move on to the concrete realization of the site, the preparation of the files for your print files.

STEP 5 – And the final

We let you test the site, print your business cards and logo, to make sure everything fits you perfectly. You can then proceed with the launch of your new communication tools.

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