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After two weeks in the province of Buenos Aires ( Ramos Mejia, about 1 hour from the center ), where I had big problems with the slow internet. ( wifi of the inhabitant and with Sky roam box), I thought I would try the co-living experience. 

“Co-living”, this word almost makes you dream… for digital nomads; a mix between a co working and a hostel. A designer place; work tables with electrical outlets, fast wifi and all without worrying about the accommodation. 

I have tested and am testing for 1 month … the Buenos Aires co-living “My way co-living”. 

To start with, we imagine a place full of digital nomads with their computers working on their projects …. Design, web, marketing… But what I found instead are students coming to study in Buenos Aires, and for the moment the building is almost empty, and yes it’s the school holidays period ^^. My two roommates, yes because I’m finally living with a flatmate, are going to go on vacation soon. 

They showed me the place, 4 floors, apartments, a terrace “deckchairs”, a “terrace-barbecue”, and two mini lounges, with sofa and mini tables, … okey but I’m still looking for the real place to work … ^^, Ah yes I forgot there’s a mini table in the room. 

I told my roommates my story about the province of Argentina and they laughed at me a bit, apparently here it’s not always the best. Having tested it, it works when it wants to work, but when it works, it works well. In short, nothing very convincing for my next month. 

I’m not going to complain about the space is nice, the people I met are nice, too, but it’s not quite what I expected, especially with all these sites that praise the merit of co-living. Maybe I didn’t fall into the right one, but having seen another article about a co living in Colombia (see the article here), I think that in South America they didn’t understand the concept too much, or not enough people to run the place, so they focused on students. 

As I don’t like to make up my mind with one experience, I would do a second co-living, but on another continent. 

Another great place to work that I’ve tried is coworking café in Palermo “café flor“.
There are several cafes like this in the city, I’ve seen them in San Telmo, for example.