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the studio

I am passionate about sports since I was very young, I grew up through judo, between trainings, physical preparation and competitions.

It is only several years later, that I really got interested in the world of fitness, and the well-being that sport could bring in a stressful life.

I trained as a fitness instructor and then as a personal trainer. I am also a Specialist in Movement and Performance Therapy. I continue to take various courses to improve my skills in the field, especially in mobility, movement optimization and rehabilitation; a subject I am very passionate about and which allows me to offer workouts adapted to each person and to help them reach their goals in a healthy and efficient way.

I believe that exercise is not only beneficial for physical health, but also for mental and emotional well-being. That’s why I really enjoy helping people achieve their goals in a safe and effective way.



What they think

Under the competent direction of my coach's gymnastics exercises

My musculoskeletal system has stabilized. The back pain has decreased massively and the body is much more stable.

N. is very professional and adapts to my needs.

The gym exercises in private were more than beneficial and I highly recommend it.

I, Claudine, a 75 year old woman. (Coaching at home)

Ehhhh N.,

Thank you for your skype trainings! I can continue to do good wherever I am and thanks to you I don’t miss my appointments with myself!
Your programs are personalized and target my needs, it’s precious!
Can’t wait for our next appointment!

Nic. (Coaching by skype)

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Develop new habits
Improve your posture
Strengthen yourself
Exceed your limits

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