Before I left Switzerland, one of the things I was most concerned about was my hearing problems, my cochlea implant. I was afraid that I wouldn’t know where to go, if I would have any problems with my implant, that I wouldn’t be able to find batteries, that I would be alone if I lost or had my implant stolen, and that I would have to deal with my problems without hearing anything.

Following several pieces of information that I was able to obtain, I thought why not keep you informed?

This page will therefore be there, I hope to reassure those of you who wish to travel.

You will find there the information that I was able to collect in each country, if you need to know more, I can get information for you.

General information for implant:

Partner MEd-El :
The cochlear implant service in Bern (Switzerland) : | WhatsApp 076 449 33 83
Spare parts : Take some before you leave ( the post office here doesn’t work as well as it does at home ^^)


Hearing aids:
There is Audioprosthesist in the down Is like home. 

For implants:
If you have a problem with your implant,  if you want to make a check up or if you want to buy batteries, you can go to «  Med el » 

The address is : Viamonte 2146, C1056ABH CABA 
The hours: 10 to 17
Price for a check up : $350 Payments only by credit card
Languages: They speak Spanish and English
( They’re really very nice, don’t hesitate to ask all the necessary questions )